352 Yoruba Proverbs, Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 170 - 179 - #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #OlayinkaCarew #oweYoruba #edeYoruba

 170. Ṣẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀ ò ṣéé fọ̀pá na.

The beaded musical gourd is not something to play with a stick.

Always apply the proper tool to the job.

171. Wọ́n ní kí olókùnrùn ṣe 'tó' ó lóun ò lè ṣe 'tó tò tó'. 

A sick man, asked to merely say 'to', profusely insisted he could not say 'to to to'.

Wisdom is it; don't waste resources rejecting what would have taken precious little to accept!


172. Ṣẹ̀gàn-ṣẹ̀gàn ò láṣọ méjì; pé-ń-pé laṣọ abúni ḿmọ.

The detractor of others does not possess a change of clothing; the garment of the insulter of people is always skimpy.

People who make a habit of cutting others down never prosper either.

173. Ṣìkà-ṣìkà-á gbàgbé àjọbí, adánilóró gbàgbé ọ̀la.

The wicked forgets kinship; the person who hurts others forgets tomorrow.

People who inflict injury on others forget that the gods of kinship will inflict punishment on them, and that they too might be at the receiving end in the future.

174. Ojú kì í pọ́n òkú ọ̀run kó ní kí ará ayé gba òun.

A dead person cannot be so desperate as to appeal to a living person for deliverance.

However bad one's circumstances might be, one should use good sense in determining where one can turn for help.

175. Bí ìtàkùn bá lè pa ẹnu pọ̀, wọ́n ámú erin so. 

If creeping plants could unite, they would easily tie up an elephant.

Collaborate more; together, we can do more!


176. A kì í bá Ọlọ́run ṣòwò ká pàdánù. 

You can't trade with God and lose.

God is faithful; you can depend on Him!


177. Bí o ṣe rere yó yọ sí ọ lára; bí o kò ṣe rere yó yọ sílẹ̀.

If your deeds are good the benefits return to you; if your deeds are not good they will be apparent to all.

Neither good nor evil goes for nought.

178. Bí a bá gé igi nígbó, ká fi ọ̀ràn ro ara ẹni wò.

When one fells a tree in the forest, one should apply the matter to oneself.

Whenever one does something to another, one should put oneself in that person's shoes.

179. “Wá jẹun.” “Ng ò jẹ.” Ó fọgọ́rùnún òkèlè tọ́ ọbẹ̀ wò.

“Come join me at my meal.” “Thank you, but no.” Still he eats a hundred mouthfuls, just to taste the stew.

If you intend to decline an invitation, match your action to your words.

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