352 Yoruba Proverbs Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 290 - 299 - Adebanji Osanyingbemi - Olayinka Carew - Jack Lookman #ede Yoruba

 290. Ẹ̀sín alátọ̀sí ò sí lọ́wọ́ òkóbó.

The ridiculing of the person with gonorrhea does not belong with the eunuch.

Do not ridicule a person whose condition is no worse than yours'.

291. Ẹ̀ní to mọ́ kín wó

He would builds does not destroy his work

You do not take time to build/achieve and destroy that which you have built

292. Ìwò-o ọlọgbọ́n ò jọ ti aṣiwèrè.

The way a wise person looks at things is different from the way an imbecile does.

A wise person considers matter in a more rational way than an imbecile does.

293. Ẹni àìgbọ́n pa ló pọ̀; ẹni ọgbọ́n pa ò tó ǹkan.

People killed by folly are innumerable; people killed by wisdom are few.

Few things kill more surely than folly.

294. Ẹni tí ẹ̀gún gún lẹ́sẹ̀ ní ńṣe lákáǹláká tẹ̀lé alábẹ́rẹ́.

It is the person with a thorn in his foot who limps to the person with a needle.

The person in need of help should make some effort on his own behalf, and not expect his helper to make all the necessary effort.

295. Ìyàwó mi ò sunwọ̀; nítorí ọmọ ni mo ṣe fẹ́ ẹ; ẹni mélòó la ó wìí fún tán?

“My wife is not good looking, but I married her for the sake of children”; to how many people will one give that explanation?

One should not embark on the endless and futile task of justifying one's decisions to people.

296. Nítorí-i ká lè ríbi gbé e la ṣe ńṣe ọyàn sódó.

It is so that one would have a means of lifting it that one carves breasts [handles] on the mortar.

One should anticipate problems and prepare solutions for them.

297. O kò-ì mú ẹrú, o ní Àdó ni ò ó tà á fún.

You have not captured a slave, but you are already saying you will sell him/her only to an Àdò person.

One should not use a commodity before one has it.

298. Owú pani ju kùm̀mọ̀.

Jealousy kills more surely than a cudgel.

Jealousy is a dangerous thing.

299. Orí tí yó jẹ igún kì í gbọ́; bí wọ́n fun ládìẹ kò níí gbà.

The head that is destined to eat a vulture cannot be saved; if a chicken is offered to it it will refuse.

The person destined to suffer will manage to succumb to the suffering even in spite of efforts by others to save him/her.

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