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352 Yoruba Proverbs Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project 280 - 289 #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #OlayinkaCarew #JackLookman #edeYoruba

  280. Dídákẹ́ lerín dákẹ́; àjànàkú ló lẹgàn. The elephant has only chosen to remain silent; to the elephant belongs the forest. The mighty need not proclaim their importance. 281. Mànàmáná ò ṣéé sun iṣu. Lightning is no good for roasting yams. Many instances of boasting lack the substance to back them. 282. “Bùn mi níṣu kan” kì í ṣáájú “Ẹkú oko òo.” “Give me one yam” does not precede “Greetings to you on the farm.” One does not ask a favor of, or transact any business with any person without first exchanging pleasantries with the person. 283. Ẹní gbọ́n juni lọ ní ńtẹni nÍfá. It is someone wiser than one who consults the oracle for one. One receives advice only from those qualified to offer it. 284. Ẹni à ńwò kì í wòran. The person people have gathered to watch should not himself or herself be a spectator. One should not ignore one's problems to dwell on others'. 285. Ẹní du ara-a rẹ̀ lóyè Apènà: kó tó jẹ ẹran ọ̀fẹ́, ó dọ̀run. Whoever de

352 Yoruba Proverbs Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project 270 - 279 #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #OlayinkaCarew #JackLookman #edeYoruba

  270. Àṣesílẹ̀ làbọ̀wábá; ẹni tó da omi síwájú á tẹlẹ̀ tútù. What one puts aside is what one returns to find; whoever dumps water ahead of him/her will step on wet earth. One reaps what one sows. 271. Ìbéèrè kì í jẹ́ kí ẹni ó ṣìnà; ẹni tí kò lè béèrè ní ńnpọ́n ara ẹ̀ lójú. Asking “directions” keeps one from losing one's way; the person who refuses to ask is responsible for his/her own difficulties. One should not be too obstinate or too proud to seek help when one needs it. 272. Orin tí a kọ lánàá, tí a ò sùn, tí a ò wo, a kì í tún jí kọ ọ́ láàárọ̀. The song that we sang yesterday, without sleep, without respite; we do not resume singing it in the morning. Yesterday's problems should be gone with yesterday. 273. Ibi lekeleke gbe’n foso. Eye aparo ko Le wo Be Where the cattle egret washes it's cloth the pheasant dare not enter Everything has its level 274. Ai Tete mu ole, ole n mu oloko When the farm owner is slow to catch the thief, the thief