352 Yoruba Proverbs, Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 130 - 139 - #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #JackLookman #oweYoruba #edeYoruba

 130. A kì í gbọ́ kúkù òjò da omi agbada nù. 

We shouldn't pour away the water in the trough simply because the cloud rumbles.

Don't be presumptuous; don't count your chickens before they are hatched!

131. Bí èèyàn bá gún iyán bọ́ ìlú, yóò lọ́ọ̀tá; bó sì ńsọ òkò s’ọ́jà, yóò lọ́ọ̀rẹ́ tirẹ̀.

Even if you feed the entire town (with pounded yam), you will have haters; yet if you pelt the market with stones, some will still pick you as a friend.

You can't please everybody, no matter how hard you try; do your very best and move on.

132. Ẹ̀rẹ̀kẹ́ l'ẹran dùn mọ; kò dé'nú.

The sweetness of meat is only felt within the cheeks; it doesn't get to the stomach.

Some things are gratifying only for a moment; they hold no such promise for long; don't focus on trivialities: don't major on minor.

133. À kí ijẹ̀ ibẹ̀pẹ̀ lódíndì, bẹ̀ni à kí ijẹ̀ ìgbín pẹ̀lú ikàràun.

Pawpaw can't be eaten whole (without peeling), neither do you eat snail and its shell.

Things should be done accordingly.

134. Ẹní tó bá ṣe ohun tí ẹnìkan ò ṣe rí,á á rí ohun tí ẹnìkan ò rí rí.

Whoever does what no one has done, will experience what no one has experienced.

To experience exceptional results, take exceptional steps; think big, aim high.

135. A kì í bẹ̀rù ikú bẹ̀rù àrùn ká ní kí ọmọ ó kú sinni.

One does not so fear death and disease that one asks that one's child die before one.

One should not be more concerned with saving oneself than with saving one's dependents.

136. Ọjọ́ ti ọmọdé nàró kọ́ ni í rìn.

It's not the day a baby stands up for the first time that he or she walks.

Patience is it: good things take time.

137. Ikú fẹ́ pa alápatà ó ńkígbe; ọmọ ẹranko tó ti dá lóró ńkọ́?

Death stalks the butcher and he screams; what about the animals he's butchered?

Exact from no one what you are unwilling to impose on yourself; be fair and considerate.

138. Tí aáyán bá ṣi ijó jó, á máa fi ara káṣá adìẹ.

If a cockroach dances unconscionably, it may expose itself to the sword (or attack) of the hen.

Even in a good course, moderation is crucial; be prudent, be moderate.

139. A kì í mọ iyì wúrà tí kò bá sọnù.

A piece of gold (ornament) is seldom appreciated until it gets lost.

We seldom appreciate what we have, until we lose it; the available is easily taken for granted.

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