352 Yoruba Proverbs Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project 240 - 249 #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #JackLookman #oweYoruba #edeYoruba #ireo

 240. Arúgbó oǹdágbèsè, ó ní mélòó ni òun óò dúró san níbẹ̀?

The old person who incurs debt, he says how much of it will he be around to pay?

A person whose days are numbered can afford to freely take on long-term obligations.

241. Ara kì í rọni ká ṣẹ́gi ta.

If one has the wherewithal to live a life of ease, one does not gather firewood for sale.

When one has found success, one does not persist in grubbing.

242. Aláṣedànù tí ńfajá ṣọdẹ ẹja.

A wastrel “who” uses a dog to stalk fish.

It is folly to employ an impossible tool for a given task.

243. Àkísà aṣọ la fi ńṣe òṣùká.

A rag is what one uses as a carrying pad.

One's most valuable possessions are not for careless use.

244. À-jókòó-àì-fẹ̀hìntì, bí ẹní nàró ni.

Sitting without leaning the back against something is like standing.

Never do things by half measures.

245. Àjòjí lójú, ṣùgbọ́n kò fi ríran.

A stranger has eyes, but they do not see.

A stranger's eyes are blind to the intricacies of his new surroundings.

246. Ajá là bá kí; olongbo ò pẹran fúnni jẹ.

One should rather commend the dog; the cat does not kill meat for one to eat.

Assign commensurate values to your assets.

247. Àgbọn kì í ṣe oúnjẹ ẹyẹ.

Coconut is no food for birds.

Some things and some people are immune to some types of danger; one should not attempt the impossible.

248. Ẹni tó torí òtútù fi ọmọrí odó yáná ò gbọdọ̀ retí a-ti-jẹyán.

Whoever because of cold weather uses the pestle as kindling to warm him/herself must not expect to eat pounded yams.

One should not jeopardize one's long-term interests by indulging in immediate gratifications.

249. A kì í fi ìka ro etí, ká fi ro imú, ká wá tún fi ta ehín.

One does not use one's finger to clean one's ear passages, use it to pick one's nose, and then use it to pick one's teeth.

One should always behave with decorum.

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