352 Yoruba Proverbs, Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 160 - 169 #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #OlayinkaCarew #oweYoruba #edeYoruba

 160. Ìwà ọ̀lẹ ḿba ọ̀lẹ lẹ́rù; ọ̀lẹ́ pàdánù, ó ní aráyé ò fẹ́ràn òun.

The lazy person's character fills him/her with fear; the lazy person loses all and complains that the world hates him/her.

Each person is more the architect of his/her own fortune than the victim of others' machinations.

161. Ẹni tí ńgbẹ́lẹ̀ ní ńsìnkú; ẹni tí ńsunkún ariwo ló ńpa.

The person digging a grave is the one performing his or her funerary duties; the person crying is merely making a noise.

Tangible help is better than useless sympathetic gestures.

162. Ẹni tí kíkí-i rẹ̀ ò yóni, àìkí-i rẹ̀ ò lè pani lébi.

A person whose greetings do not fill one's stomach cannot cause one to starve by withholding the greetings.

A person whose benevolence has little effect on one's fortune cannot affect one with his/her malevolence.

163. Ẹni tí eégún ńlé kó máa rọ́jú; bó ti ńrẹ ará ayé, bẹ́ẹ̀ ní ńrẹ ará ọ̀run.

The person being chased by a masquerader should persevere; just as an earthling tires, so does the being from heaven.

Perseverance solves all problems.

164. Ẹní máa jẹ oyin inú àpáta kìí wo ẹnu àáké.

Whoever will eat the honey in a rock does not worry about the edge of the axe.

One should be prepared to bear the sacrifices necessary to achieve a worthy goal.

165. Karin kapo yiye no yeni

The more the merrier

There is blessing in multitude.

166. Ẹgbẹ̀rún ẹja ò lè dẹ́rù pa odò.

A thousand fishes will not overload a river.

It is futile to attempt to overwhelm an invincible person.

167. Ẹgbẹ̀rún eèrà ò lè gbé ṣúgà; wọ́n ó kàn tò yí i ká lásán ni.

A thousand ants cannot lift “a cube of” sugar; they can only mill around it in vain.

Some tasks are beyond certain people.

168. Àyè kì í há adìẹ kó má dèé ìdí àba-a rẹ̀.

The space is never so tight that a chicken will not be able to reach its incubating nest.

No obstacle should keep one from one's duty.

169. Àṣá ò lè balẹ̀ kó gbéwúrẹ́.

The kite cannot swoop down and carry off a goat.

Whoever attempts the impossible deceives him/herself.

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