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 90. Odó iyán ò jẹ́ gún ẹ̀lú; odó ẹ̀lú ò jẹ́ gúnyán; àtẹ tá-a fi ńpàtẹ ìlẹ̀kẹ̀, a ò jẹ́ fi pàtẹ ọ̀rúnlá.

The mortar used for pounding yams will not do for pounding indigo leaves; the mortar for pounding indigo leaves will not do for yams; the tray on which beads are displayed for sale will not do for displaying dried okra.

Each object has its proper use.

91. À ńwọ́nà àti fi aṣiwèrè sílẹ̀, ó ní bí a bá dé òkè odò ká dúró de òun.

People are scheming to shake an imbecile from their company, and he asks that they wait for him on reaching the bank of the river.

If people are seeking ways of getting rid of a person, that person should not lay down his conditions for remaining with them.

92. Ọmọdé ò mọ oògùn, ó ńpè é lẹ́fọ̀o?; kò mọ̀ pé ikú tó pa baba òun ni.

A child does not know medicine and he therefore calls it vegetables; it does not recognize it as what killed its father.

People may call disasters on their own heads out of ignorance.

93. O fi awọ ẹkùn ṣẹbọ àìkú; ẹkùn ìbá má kùú ìwọ ìbá rawọ ẹ̀ ṣoògùn?

You use a leopard's skin as an ingredient for medicine to hold off death; had the leopard not died would you have had access to its hide for the medicine?

One should not chase impossible dreams.

94. Alákìísà ní ńtọ́jú abẹ́rẹ́ tòun tòwú.

It is the owner of rags who makes sure that needle and thread are available.

Each person looks after his/her own interests.

95. À ḿbẹ̀rù alájá, ajá ṣebí òun là ḿbẹ̀rù.

One shows deference to the dog's owner, and the dog thinks the deference is to it.

A person who has a powerful patron mistakenly believes that the respect he enjoys from others is due to his or her own qualities, whereas it is reflected from the patron.

96. Ibi tí a gbé epo sí a kì í sọ òkò síbẹ̀.

One does not throw rocks at the place where one has one's palm-oil stored.

One should always protect one's base or where one's best interests lie.

97. Ọmọ aráyé ri'ni ni wọ́n ńpe'ni; tí wọ́n ò bá rí'ni, wọ́n á pe ọmọ ẹlòmíràn.

You are available is why the world beckons on you; else, they'll beckon on someone else.

Humility is it; no one is indispensable.

98. Ọlọgbọ́n ọmọ ní ḿmú inú-u bàbá ẹ̀ dùn; aṣiwèrè ọmọ ní ḿba inú ìyá ẹ̀ jẹ́.

A wise child gladdens the heart of his father; an imbecile of a child saddens the heart of his mother.

Every parent would prefer a wise child to an idiot.

99. Ohun tí ìrẹ̀-ẹ́ ṣe tó fi kán lápá, aláàńtèté ní kí wọ́n jẹ́ kí òun ó ṣe è.

That which the cricket attempted and broke a thigh, the grasshopper asks to be permitted to attempt.

Some fools never learn from others' mistakes.

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