352 Yoruba Proverbs, Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 80 - 89 - #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi #JackLookman #oweYoruba #edeYoruba #ireo

 80. Ọmọ tí yó jẹ̀ẹ́ àṣàmú, kékeré ní ńtií nṣẹnu ṣámú-ṣámú.

A person that will become exemplary will begin showing precociousness from childhood.

Childhood shows the adult.

81. Ojú kì í pọnni ká fàkísà bora.

One should never be so benighted that one covers oneself in rags.

Despite adverse circumstances, one should strive to maintain one's dignity.

82. Ọrùn kì í wọ òṣùká; ẹlẹ́rù lọrùn ńwọ̀.

The pad placed on the head to soften the friction of the load on the head does not suffer from the weight; the person carrying the load is the one whose neck suffers under the weight.

Commiserators and people lending a hand do not suffer the troubled person's pain; the troubled person is the one who bears it all.

83. Ẹni tó fi irun dúdú ṣeré, yó fi funfun sin ẹniẹlẹ́ni.

Whoever plays around with his or her black hair will serve others with his or her white hair.

If one wastes one's youth, one spends one's old age struggling for a living.

84. Àì-mọwọ́-ọ́-wẹ̀ ni àì-bágbà-jẹ; ọmọ tó mọwọ́-ọ́ wẹ̀ á bágbà jẹ.

Not-knowing-how-to-wash-one's-hands is not-eating-with-elders; a person who knows how to wash his hands will eat with elders.

To qualify to live in society, one must learn the social graces.

85. Mọ̀jà mọ̀sá l'akínkanjú; akínkanjú tó bá mọ̀ọ́ jà tí kò mọ̀ọ́ sá á bá ogun lọ.

A good warrior must know when to fight and when to retreat; a warrior who knows when to fight but not when to retreat will die in battle.

Timing is crucial; know when to pursue, defer or quit.

86. Ẹni tó re Ìbàdán tí kò dé ilé Olúyọ̀lé, oko igi ló lọ.

Whoever goes to Ibadan and does not visit Oluyọle's house merely went wood gathering.

Whoever misses the principal sight of any place might as well not have visited the place at all.

87. Aláṣọ àlà kì í jókòó sísọ̀ elépo.

A person dressed in white does not sit at the stall of a palm-oil seller.

One should not expose oneself to abuse or danger.

88. Ẹni tí bíńtí ò tó, púpọ̀ yóò jìnnà sí i.

Abundance will be far from whoever is not contented with a little.

Contentment is it; it makes for increase.

89. Kò sí mi lájọ àjọ ò kún: ara ẹ̀ ló tàn jẹ.

Without-me-in-an-assembly-the-assembly-is-not-complete deceives only himself/herself.

Whoever thinks he or she is indispensable is self-deceived.

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