352 Yoruba Proverbs, Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 10 - 19 - #ireo #Irekabiti #edeYoruba #oweYoruba #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi

 10. Ìrókò tó bá gbàbọ̀dè, bíbẹ́ ni.

Whichever ìrókò tree becomes involved in treachery gets felled.

Whoever engages in treachery will be destroyed, no matter his or her status.

11. Àpárá ńlá nikán ńdá; ikán ò lè mu òkúta.

The termite is being most overbearing; a termite cannot eat a rock.

Certain people do not know their place; certain people are beyond the reach of their adversaries.

12. Èpè-é pọ̀ ju ohun tó nù; abẹ́rẹ́ sọnù wọ́n lọ gbé Ṣàǹgó.

The cursing is far in excess of what is lost; a needle goes missing and the owners invoke Ṣàngó.

One's reaction to a situation should be commensurate to it.

13. O wà láyé, mo wà láàyè, ò ḿbi mí bí ọ̀rún ṣe rí.

You are on earth “alive” and I am on earth, and yet you ask me what heaven is like.

Said of a person seeking information from someone in no better position to know than the seeker.

14. Ayídóborí tafà sókè: ojú Olúwaá tó wọn.

Those who cover their heads with mortars and shoot arrows into the sky: God's eyes encompass them all.

God sees all acts of selfishness and wickedness towards others.

15. Bí olósùn-ún bá lọ osùn, ara-a rẹ̀ ní ńfi dánwò.

When the camwood powder seller grinds the powder, she tests it on her own body.

One tries one's remedy on one's self before offering it to others.

16. Kí a tó dé ibi tí à ńlọ, a máa ńkọ́kọ́ dé ibi tí a kò fẹ́. 

Before getting to our destination, we may have to get to where we'd rather not be.

Be focused, be strategic: always look ahead; don't lose the forest for the trees!

17. Kí ni ó yá àpọ́n lórí tó fiṣu síná tó ńsúfèé pé “bí a ti ńṣe ni inú ḿbí wọn”?

What has the bachelor to feel superior about, such that while he is roasting yams he is whistling the song, “What one does fills them with jealousy”?

Said of people who are arrogant even though they have no basis for pride.

18. Ẹlẹ́dẹ̀ ńpàfọ̀, ó rò pé òún ńṣoge.

The pig wallows in mud, but thinks it is being a dandy.

People who lack good judgement are never aware of their own misbehavior.

19. Ẹni tí ò fẹ́ wọ àkísà, kì í bá ajá ṣe eré e géle. 

Don't play rough with a dog, if you don't want to end up in tatters.

Look before you leap; think before you act: actions come with consequences!

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