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 230. Ète lẹ̀gbọ́n; ìmọ̀ràn làbúrò; bí-a-ó-ti-ṣe lẹ̀kẹta wọn.

Intention is the eldest, contemplation is the next, and plan of action is the third.

First there is the goal, next a contemplation of it, and finally a plan for attaining it.

231. Díẹ̀-díẹ̀ nimú ẹlẹ́dẹ̀ẹ́ fi ńwọgbà.

It is bit by bit that the nose of the pig enters the fence.

A small problem, if not attended to, becomes unmanageable.

232. “Bùn mi níṣu kan” kì í ṣáájú “Ẹkú oko òo.”

“Give me one yam” does not precede “Greetings to you on the farm.”

One does not ask a favor of, or transact any business with any person without first exchanging pleasantries with the person.

233. Bí ilú bá dá sí méjì, tọba ọ̀rún là ńṣe.

If the town is split into two, one does the will of the heavenly king.

If there is a division in one's group, one takes the side God would favor.

234. Bí a kò bá rígún a ò gbọdọ̀ ṣebọ; bí a ò bá rí àkàlà a ò gbọdọ̀ ṣorò.

If we cannot find a vulture we may not offer a sacrifice; if we cannot find a ground hornbill we may not carry out a ritual.

Nothing can be accomplished in the absence of the requisite materials.

235. Bí a bá ta ará ilé ẹni lọ́pọ̀, a kì í rí i rà lọ́wọ̀n-ọ́n mọ́.

If one sells a member of one's household cheap, one will not be able to buy him back at a great value.

Once one has besmirched the name of a person one is close to, one cannot later wipe it clean.

236. Bí a bá kìlọ̀ fólè, ká kìlọ̀ fóníṣu ẹ̀bá ọ̀nà.

As one warns the thief, one should also warn the owner of the wayside yams.

The offender and the tempter both deserve blame.

237. Bí a bá fi ọwọ́ ọ̀tún na ọmọ, à fi ọwọ́ òsì fà á mọ́ra.

If one whips a child with the right hand, one embraces it with the left.

A child deserving punishment, yet deserves love.

238. A-tọrọ-ohun-gbogbo-lọ́wọ́-Ọlọ́run kì í kánjú.

The-seeker-of-all-things-from-God does not yield to impatience.

The supplicant must be patient for an answer.

239. A-ṣoore-jókòó-tì-í, bí aláìṣe ni.

A-person-who-does-a-favor-and-squats-by-it is like a-person-who-has-done-no-favor.

One should not dwell on what favor one has done.

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