352 Yoruba Proverbs, Sayings And Translations - Yoruba Project - 30 - 39 #ireo #Irekabiti #edeYoruba #oweYoruba #AdebanjiOsanyingbemi

 30. Ẹyẹlé ní òun ò lè bá olúwa òun jẹ, kí òun bá a mu, kí ó di ọjọ́ ikú-u rẹ̀ kí òun yẹrí.

The pigeon says it cannot share its owner's food and drink, and then, when the day of his death arrives, duck its head.

If one shares the good times with a person, one should be prepared to share the bad times also.

31. Kò sí ohun tí a ò lè fi òru ṣe; ẹ̀rù ọ̀sán là ḿbà.

There is nothing one cannot do in the dead of night; the light of day alone is what one fears.

The cover of darkness is a perfect protection for any sort of enterprise.

32. Ẹ̀tàn kì í ṣe ọgbọ́n.

Deceit is no wisdom.

Deceit is not a reliable strategy to count on.

33. À ńwá ẹni tí a ó fọmọ fún, olòṣì ńyọjú.

We seek a person to give a child to (in marriage) and a worthless person presents himself.

People should know their place and not over-rate themselves.

34. Kì í ṣe gbogbo ẹni tí ńṣe “Ẹni Ọlọ́rún bùn ó bùn mi” là ńfún ní nǹkan.

It is not to every person who says “Whoever has received some bounty from God should give to me” that one gives alms.

One should be judicious as to those to whom one shows kindness.

35. Ti a kò bá jẹun sẹ́hìn àwo, èèrà ò lè gun ibi ta ti ńjẹun.

If one hasn't dropped one's food, ants won't be attracted to where one is eating.

Every problem has a cause; get rid of the cause and you will eliminate the problem; there is no smoke without fire.

36. A kì í wà nínú ìṣẹ́ ká perin tọrẹ.

One does not wallow in poverty and yet kill an elephant for public distribution.

Always live according to your circumstances.

37. Kò sí ẹni tí kò mọ ọgbọ́n-ọn ká fẹran sẹ́nu ká wá a tì.

There is nobody who does not know the trick of putting meat in the mouth and making it disappear.

Nobody is a complete fool.

38. Ọmọ ẹní dàra, bí-i ká fi ṣaya kọ́.

One's child may be beautiful, but one cannot make her one's wife.

Not all attractive propositions can be pursued.

39. Ọmọ atiro tó ra bàtà fún bàbá ẹ̀, ọ̀rọ̀ ló fẹ́ gbọ́.

The child of a cripple who bought shoes for his father is asking for a stern lecture.

One must not be thoughtless in one's actions.

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